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Can you please send me a message what was it?
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Abuzer Firdousi I'm in USA, silicone valley. I wanted to assist students n professionals struggling in life. So I created YouTube channel to provide guidance for career growth n development. I want to show them global opportunities. So asking students n professionals to join me for this cause. Even if someone is financial weak, we might help. One struggle story that how he bacame software engineer in USA when he was just a ordinary teacher in Pakistan
Abuzer Firdousi, Muhammad Rizwan is a good friend. I endorse his efforts.
Muhammad Abbas Thanks bro for your sweet words! Appreciate
As it seems to be marketing post, so we deleted.
Abuzer Firdousi lol. I'm not selling anything bro. I have started it as a campaign of guidance because while sitting in USA I found no other way. If you think it's really for marketing purpose then let it b deleted brother. I don't mind.
As Abbas sb has endorsed. You can create the post. We will approve.
Abuzer Firdousi please try to understand it's not just a matter of post, and I won't create it either. If you are doing something similar for Students n professionals, I would be happy to join your campaign. Just ignore my post please. Let's come up with something that can help others who are struggling in life. I appreciate for your response. Different views, different thoughts and different perspectives should exist and I truly understand it. Stay blessed
Muhammad Rizwan dil py na lain :). Just create the post, as we have the clarity on your idea.
Abuzer Firdousi hehe.. Yar Dil py baat aa e jati hy agar Dil say baat ki jaay
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