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Why you want MBA professional? I would ask it first
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Kindly then tell me, after 16 years education kay baad kon sa MBA krna chahye?
Mohammed Zubair that's totally depends what is current education and what you want to be in future. So I'm just asking for your goal
Right. Current education is Masters in mass comm but I dont want to mPhil in mass comm. I want get a good job in marketing field. Thats why going for MBA.
I do recommend IBA n LUMS only for MBA. Rest of the institutes are just for degrees. And before doing MBA, I suggest you to have some market experience in the field. You should try to have some Industry experience first
Mohammed Zubair I visited Stanford University California and interviewed multiple students. This video might be helpful for you that how these students think about learning n career growth. I hope u like n subscribe. Keep in touch and must send me ur resume.
Sure. Thank you. :)
Mohammed Zubair and please feel free to inbox me for anything. Be motivated bro
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