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1. Update cart is working but it is doing it automatically. You don't need to click on the update cart button. You can see on the screenshot I took below the confirmation that the cart is updated (I added an extra bottle and it automatically updated for me). I don't see a button to continue shopping. Normally people would only view their cart when they are ready to checkout. They can return to the shop using the menu item. 2. The flat rate shipping is being applied, as you can see in the cart totals box in the screenshot. You say you can't see it on the invoice. Is this when you send the customer an invoice (if so are you using a plugin for this)? 3. Are you able to change the font size for your blog posts in the settings? In the post editor, click on a block and then the black cog in the top right corner, then click on the block tab and you should see typography options (or click on the block, click on the three dots at the end of the toolbar and select "show more settings").
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