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Learner or actual?
actual dilwa do shah g... :D no test nothing :D
Mein traffic warden nhi hn
hahaha.... Shah g koi or tareeqa hi das de
Yr DHA K block mein driving centre hey, wahan se bnwa lo. Wahan test b easy hota hy..
Let us move to new ofc then will visit it :D
Na tmhara ofc move hona hy, na tm ny kahin move hona hy :-D
No boss next month is last month
Chlo good hy. Building bn gae?
yup just furnishing in process about to finish
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Visit SP office near civil lines collage or liberty office with your original ID card. Entire process will be executed there including tickets purchasing, data entry, pic capturing and you'll get your license at the end of that process.
Take 2 photocopies of ID card as well. Those will be attached with the form.
I think they dont need any form because everything is computerized now.
yes they do for learning. as per their web site and i have also recently visited liberty and IT tower traffic police center.
I think after filling the form on computer, they take print of it. And attach copy of ID card. I mentioned that to be on safe side.
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visit police facilitation center in moon market adjacent to moon market mosque
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