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katchery bazar
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You can get 5s in 15k :)
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And 5C ??
10-13 max
ley do phr
Aja :p
hahaha chal chalty hain phr next weekend
Ok karo
And iPhone 7?
45-50K base model
Kahan se?
Hafeez center!
Wahan box k sath with all accessories 52 to 55k ka tha achi condition ma.
A little Bargaining comes in handy ;) they buy it for 45K maximum! They ll sell it under 50! I am talking about 32gb version.. 128 gb can be bought under 56k
Okay (y)
Babar Ch 6 ki jgah SE le lo, apple abi tk uski support de ra. 6 ki support khatam ho gai ha.
Babar Ch 25-28K for 16gb factory unlocked and genuine accessories + box
True "SE" is a better option!
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