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why non - alcoholic?
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try LEMONADE or LASSI..apko wohi charh jaegi :P
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Sir agar pta hai to btadain awain yaawiyan mat marain
Alcoholic ka pta hai :p
Menu koi v das deo menu sab chalda ay
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ginger beer
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Company name?
not sure which brand will be available in Pakistan
Thanks buddy
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Barbican or murree beer. But i think they too have a very very small percentage of alcohol.
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Hmmmm. K. :D :p
Yeah i believe 0.5.. no idea abt the mentioned one's but 3 horse beer does. Btw Thank you
Yes around 0.5. Try malts. And you're welcome.
Done hogya
Who said that muree's beer contains 0.5% but in reality it contains upto 5%.
Barbican has 0.5 percent i guess. And murree beer has around 6.
Barbican is 100 % non alcoholic I don't know about other countries but here in Saudi Arabia its 100% non alcoholic
Yes it has 5 percent and premium has 9 percent ..
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o ustad kin chakron mai par gya hai ? :D
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Daru.. charas gaanja
kya chakar kya hai in sb ka? vape b beer b :P
Bawa g professional pangi bnain gay
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yad ane lg gai hai phr se :D :D
Hahaha do share ur pakkay sootay with me
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khair ay ustaad?
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Ustaad g nashay chalan gay
phir aik din aaye ga tum kaho gay non-alcoholic nahi pee jaati. :3
Hahaha lol wo ALLAH na hi dekhaye
sudhar jaa ustaad!
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Awein nae labdian xD
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Beeran peeniyan paindiyan nay
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main market gulberg, gujarron ki lassi wali shop se nam lay kr hasil kren
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Bhtr hogya
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Henikens best brand
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Fit ae
Usama K. Lodhi bhai ku bhi kabhi .. hain :D
Hahaha bhai mashwara dia h bs
mashwara tajribay k bad hi huta hai..... kuch nhi huta kharch day 200 300 bhai per :D
Hahaha ye 2 300 wla nai bhai 950 wla h
Chal bhai bech m 300 dal dey ga baki teray :D
Astagfirullah Astagfirullah haraam haraam
abay ya yar non alcohlic nhi haram.. :/ garmi chuki jaye gi is sy maan lay :D
Ye non alcoholic ni h
astagfirullah... Allah tmhy hadayat day :P
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