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Prepare c , cpp , operating system, basic network, basic management , current affairs, english
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Any material?
Hmm , if you dont have background in cs then it will be dificult. However google has many tutorials regarding different it concepts mentioned above. I have passed fpsc exam for similar post but failed at interview level. My paper was mixed of it and management and current affairs or general knowledge. From it was network, systems, operating system, database basics, cpp language or php, basic management, as I was from cs, that was not difficult. I still remeber the asked about different scheduling policy of o.s. but at the end I will recommend you reading books about topocs I mentioned.
Mubasher Usman what were the questions that were asked in interview?
Agar yad hoty bhi tu ma pass na howa hota. Itna yad ha k bary ajeed say out of context thay question. Shayed data security say related
Mubasher Usman hahaha no i thought may be u remember any of the questions!
Yar that was year 2013, I was just graduated 6,7 month ago. I saw post of it manager and applied. Perhaps they think ye kal ka bachs 40 years k baboon ko manage kary ga or puthy puthy sawal kar k dafa door kar diya
Mubasher Usman ahan i see... chalo koe nae thanks for the time !
U r wlcm
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when is the test? i can help...
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Good. Thanks.is this is avaiable in soft form?
not sure but its from the Ilmi's so not much chance of it being available online!
Ok thanks man.:)
Sheraz Sarwar good sharing.
Adrees Taj please follow
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