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Direction: https://goo.gl/maps/v7KawJMajR92


The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) is an autonomous body. It manages government databases and registration database of all the national citizens of Pakistan. The authority issues national identity cards to the citizens of Pakistan and maintains their record. It is issued first at the age of 18. It also offers many other identity documents to the common users and enterprise solutions to its clients. The brief description of services it offers to the common users is below:

Identity Documents Offered by NADRA:

NADRA offers following types of identity cards to the national citizens of Pakistan

  1. National Identity Card (NIC):

NIC is issued to the citizens of Pakistan by NADRA. You are eligible to apply for it if you are 18 years old or above. It is necessary to have an NIC to fulfill many personal or business requirements. You can apply online for it on https://id.nadra.gov.pk/e-id/.

  1. Juvenile Card (JV):

Children with the age under 18 years can apply for JV card. It offers various facilities to the card holder. You cannot apply online for it and have to visit NADRA Registration Center (NRC).

  1. National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP):

The citizens of Pakistan who live abroad are eligible to apply for NICOP. You also must have passport number to apply for the NICOP of new born baby who is born in abroad. It also enables you to travel to Pakistan without any requirement of VISA in case you are a dual nationality holder.

  1. Pakistan Origin Card (POC):

Pakistan Origin Card (POC) enables selected eligible foreigners to enjoy some special incentives. It allows them for

  • Visit Pakistan without any requirement of VISA
  • Indefinite stay
  • Buy and sell property
  • Open and operate bank accounts
  • Do not require to fulfill foreigner registration requirements
  1. Child Registration Certificate (CRC):

CRC is also known as B-form. This document enables the registration of children under the age of 18 years. The parents need to visit the NADRA Registration Center (NRC) with document proof of the child birth issued from union council and NIC or NICOP to apply for the CRC.

  1. Family Registration Certificate (FRC)

This form lists details about your family members. Family Registration Form mainly helps to fulfill Embassy requirements. FRC is of three types:

  • By Birth
  • By Marriage
  • By Adoption
  1. Cancellation Certificate

Cancellation certificate is issued in case of death of any citizen to nullify the ID card. Only blood relative of the citizen can apply for it. You have to visit NADRA Registration Center (NRC) and provide the death certificate form issued from union council, the graveyard certificate, and valid NIC or NICOP to apply for it. It original ID card is shattered at NRC to avoid its misuse.

Documents Requirement to Apply for Identity Cards:

You can get the complete details about the required documents and eligibility criteria to apply for any of the aforementioned identity document on below link:


Locate NADRA Registration Center:

You can locate the nearest NADRA Registration Center (NRC) on below link:


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Where exactly can u tell me location plz
It’s actually on main road, if you are coming from Mall road towards shimla, you will find it on your right side before turning left towards railway station or shimla pahari
Hamza Khalid i dnt know wher is shimla pahari can u tell some other points at mall road
Hamza Khalid i know bb pak daman there
From where you want to go to Nadra office? Tell me you location
Hamza Khalid i can join mall road from nehar
From mall road you should turn right from Signal of Avari Hotel towards Aiwan e iqbal Go straight till you find a signal Take right from signal and go straight until the road ends and When you will reach at the end of the road Look to your right side You will find NADRA Express centre
Well if it remains open 24?
Ayesha Dar yes
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Ok wo 24 hour open? What is best time to go there?
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Go after 12 am
tried several times after 12 but still crowdy.. If you can manage to go early in the morning would be best..
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Ayesha Dar Yes it is true... Go at 8 am in the morning then you will be free maximum in 15 mins IA.
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Yes just besides my office. Best time is on regular day after 9pm

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