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Neel Wahn Ponds is a better option\
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best if you go in week days on weekend it would be crowded
Haris Bin Abid See koi faida nai :p
but esa b ni hy k ja ni skty
Barish ki b zara prediction day go - jaisay humey di thi
Zaghman Arshad hahahahaha zaleel krwaya ta isne hmein
haris asked me alag se k tour cancle ni hna chahyay
Muhammad Sannan us ko kahao k bhai app tour cancel he samjho :)
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Haris mentally ready rahen is weekend (sunday) :D
Ap b uper wala comment parh len :p
Sorry Sunday ko to wese b haris kahin nai jatay :p
Family day ? :(
Ye bara masla ha , sat ko mera family day hta ha
Yeah, so plan cancel :D
NO, we will adjust one day
Mst probably ye sat on hoga :(
Sunday ?
Family day :p
So sad
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Too much crowded; 1.5 hr trekking but a beautiful place
Phr to jana banta ha...
Park the car in the second parking. Else you have to walk 30-40 min more.
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Okay thanks
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