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Macbook pro 15” prior to 2016
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I got one recently mid 2012 model core i5, 16 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, 512 GB HDD in 65k
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from where?
Base machine from olx for 50k and then upgraded with more RAM and SSD from hafeezcenter.
It's presentable price and good specifications (y)
The specs are more than enough for me... gives me good speed in post processing images using photoshop alongside running development IDEs and a big number of chrome tabs :P
Plus it's a 13" one easy to carry 15" gets bulkier
My also use is like you
its not retina model thats why upgraded
Yup not retina display... But I didn't needed one... My basic requirement was a development machine with Mac OS which it fulfilled within my budget (which was not very far one)
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