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Bashir Fabrics - Mall rd
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Any brand ?
Richi melion
Usama Chaudhry can u plz tell me exact location?
o jigar fortress chala ja. anny waa brand hain waha. 4 me charcoal is good.
buddy wahan Charcoal me sirf 2 color hain
tay mama pink colr da 2 peice changa v tay nai lagna na :D us k samne ek do bray brands aur b hain. i bought my walima suit from there
Dost yar mm alam, defense k brands pe 3 peice bht hi limited color me hain.
Rizwan Rasheed hhmm. wese black gray and blue. suit main yei clr achay lagtay hain. is liay most of the brands only have these colrs.
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Visit shadman
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Uniworh black, MM alam.
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