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Check at Jalal Sons or Sachi chaki....otherwise get it from Akbari Mandi...
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Rana General stor Gujranwala pakistan
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available at our home wo bhi maan ji k hath ka i can give u around a quarter k.g
Thank you so much. I am not is Pakistan right now. maybe u can give to Abuzer and then he will find some way to send at home. :)
Are u a friend of tausif Bhai ?
oki send address that will reach you
Yeh koi friend naheen Tausif Khan ka, aisay he tausif ka naam laga ker mobile balance bhi laita hai. 2nd number per is ka naam atta hai after hospital walli Saba. Kyon Bhai Waseem Mansha Gondal?
Enna tusif soona nai jis ka name par koi balance da
Mubashar Iqbal Bajwa Bhai app jantay hi nahi hain unhain phir ..... app naam ly ker tu dykhty unky naam ki karamaat
Nai nai ap na jo keh diya utna hi kafi ha :)
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