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Dont know the book name...... otherwise i guide you..... Will tell you in morning if you want to read any book regarding this topic.... Masha Allah its a good thing you asked...
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Yes sure please share it..
Bhai is everything ok ?
Please don't do any stupid thing. I am worried
Yeah eveything is ok just asking for info.
stupid people do everything
What's stupidity in this matter you found in the statement
Can we talk for a while
Nothing studity Ali bhai. Ratate your mind towords of thinking
Imran Ali yes we can talk..
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There is no importance of will by the books of law. If you have heirs they will have their share in any case. Even if someone barred heirs from his/her property in his/her life this has no significance. As per law every single person as per shariah is entitled to receive his/ her share
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