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Bhai koi ha bhi ?
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If you are facing this issue on your mobile then try to uninstall youtube and then install it back again... Mostly this fix the error.
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G bhai I done this but the issue in not solved and thanks for reply
Any other solution
None that comes to my mind... have you cleared the App data from the Apps in settings?
Yes bro but all its vain
Then none in my mind sorry bro
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Developers of Youtube have done you can not install the Youtube application on the old version of Android (for example, Android 4.0).

You need to remove the official Youtube application and install another program.
It's called OGYouTube. For Android 4.0, OGYouTube version 10-45-53 is suitable.

Download OGYouTube from site Uptodown, from here - 


First you should enter this site, next scroll down the page, then to choose the version of OGYouTube 10-45-53 (for Android 4).

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