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Kis type ki chaye mjy se magwa lo
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Hahaha kb arai o? :p
Summer vocations mei
Gud eh Welcome
Thank u ☺
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Imported water? Why? Pakistani paani p to atleast aetbaar kr lo
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I guess. Bahir sy any waly guests k liyay
Phir b zayadti ha.
Hahahaha Moaz
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Esajee's ( the shop is next to CTC on kasuri road) and Al-Fatah.
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Confirmed? Ye evian e available hoga ya anyother brand?
Evian should be there, my sis bought it for my baby nephew last time she was in Pakistan. If I remember correctly.
Oh great thank you
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Jalal Sons main market gulberg. I bought regularly for my daughter.
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It's easily accessible then Can u please share price range as well
Small is Rs 65 and 1.5 ltrs around 135.
Thank you
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Raheem department store main boulevard alama iqbal town par available thin last time
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