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There will be a reset button ... u have to press that... but it will delete your interent setting soo call on ,1218 can ask them to that my internet setting r lost sooo kindly help me... they will tell u few thing and case solved... Bammmmmmm in the face
Thanks any software to do the same
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Just press reset button on modem, Second way is if your laptop/pc are connected to it already, then you can extract passkey from network setting too..
Bro i dont need pass key i need router login id and password
Reset it, i hv forgotten too..
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check admin admin
Already checked
Did u check back side of your router It will be mentioned there
So you got it?
Not mentioned
Yr wifi ka password bholay hou ya router mein login ka .... Agr router ka login bholay hou tou reset krna paray ga
Router ka
Then find reset button on your device and after reset check with admin admin.
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