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bank transaction?
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0.4% i guess, + transaction fee
0.6% WHT if you are not Filer but .3% if you are filer
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0.6% for Non filer and 0.3% for filer + Transaction fee.
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Every debit transaction above 50k other thn cash... 1)For non filer 0.4% nd for filer 0% 2) On cash withdrawal above 50k for non 0.6% For filer 0.3%
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On Bank transfer? 0.4?
Yes, if you are non filer
Know of a good lawyer who can file? And help with returns?
Muhammad Bilal Iqbal Please post it as a separate question so that everyone can see it and answer accordingly
Ok. Thanks
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Amount is 45,999 maximum... after hitting 46,000 tax implement. This limit is per cnic
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