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I think this can be used for some awesome stuff, especially in movies and for content creators. The deepfake app did a better job in removing Henry Cavil's mustache than vfx studios who spent 10 million dollar for doing the same thing (doing it very badly as well) () This can also be really dangerous, if someone takes a celebrity face and put it in bad videos the celebrity can just say "oh that's not me" and it will be the end but if someone does that to some friend or an ex as revenge then their rep would be ruined no matter if they say it's fake. People could also use it to fabricate crimes and frame someone for things they didn't do. I guess it's good that there's some check and balance, Reddit blocked all the subreddits related to deepfake and adult sites say that any deepfake video would be considered non-consensual and would be removed. I think it's only a matter of time till some of the negative things I mention happens and then it becomes illegal to use it and then all that stuff moves over to the deep web image
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