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Anyone have experience with the Prius 2008 abs unit replacement or faulty auxiliary 12 v battery do let me know. Need a bit of expert opinion - Pucho.pk

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Some of the units came with abs issue. But not a big deal just replace it and dont go for repair.
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Actuator change kurwa lo
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Adeel Rifaat Mirza
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I've got it changed. What do you want to know?
Adeel Rifaat Mirza my problem is a bit intermittent abi phr sy theek hogaya khudi. The question is should i go for sensor cleaning or go for unit change directly
What are the indications that lead you to think of replacement or cleaning?
I got abs light plus parking brake lights on. error code was indicating internal leakage in abs unit. Had to replace.
Adeel Rifaat Mirza yes same lights show on my dashboard and the continuous beep sound occurred once though. Is k ilawa brakes theek lagti. Dtc codes check krwata kal and i will let you know than
If it occurs occasionally, there's definitely an issue worth considering. DTC will help you in taking a decision.
I was in hunza when i got these lights turned on plus a continuous beep. I traveled all the way to Faisalabad with this beep plus dead brakes in B mode. :-(
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Abuzer Firdousi prius walay bhai
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Mjy abi msla nai aya :)
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Arbaz Abid
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