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I don't think so that you still have any confusion .. :)
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Darr lgta ha
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My urdu teacher used to say, ap chahe urdu me Masters kro, lkn apni field key master hojao, log apko ghar se utha k le ke jaien ge :)
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Gher se bhai isi bhi utha k le jati hai :p
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Its labour of 21st century.
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Na dara bachay noo.. Alternate b btao na??
Zohaib Hassan Alternate are so many. SE mein start acha mila jataa haa, mid level career mein aa kaa zalat hoti haa. Baqi professions mein start mein struggle hoti ha. Baqi zindagi aik set path paa aa jati ha. P.S I am talking about Pakistan.
Etna dukhi
Hassan Aftab before marriage of after (zalalat)?
Tahir Mushtaq ba-tuqii baat :p
Ahmad Shahwaiz its reality, which is sad
Bhai mehnat karni hai kisi kam mein b karo, ek na ek din phal to milay gha e :D
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Waqas Ch batter guide :)
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Its all dipend on your interest if you are willing to do some creative work and love computer field its all for you but if you are just looking the trend then my friend it will piss you off.
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Bohat, Bohat...
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So much saturation in coming 5 years.. think your own idea then this is best to do..
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This is such a rookie question and many students have these type of questions. Please evaluate yourself what you can do better. Scope k chakro main rahe to zalalat e honi hai bhai. Software engg is good but apko kam ni aata to 15k-25k pe apko log zaleel kr rahe honge 14-18 ghante office work k sath. Sal k bad may be 30k-50k ho jaye pr ap zaleel or ziada honge. Lihaza do it with passion or not at all!
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Agr kaam ata ho. Or degree b ho. Is ka kya scope ha?
Yar ager apko kam ata ho or ap karna b chahty hue to apko izzat k sath roti milti rahy ge for whole life #simple
Mohsin Jahangir Khan ap ko agar is jawab se masla hai to ap khud de den jawab bhai
Bhai mein to sirf apko jawab dikhana chahta tha :)
Mohsin Jahangir Khan sir kaise hain ap? 6 maheene bad social media pe aate ho khapp dal dete ho?
Bhai Allah ka shukr hai. G bhai aese hi hai waqt hi nai milta :P
Ap software engineer jo hue.
G bhai :p
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Ok the above comment is all cons i think of software engg pros b bht ziada hain. You can always go for freelancing, you can work on your own ideas, better work with a good startup there are no limits in entrepreneurship. If you are good at coding it pays pretty well too if you are not into "apni company bnaonga bhai!" Good luck
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Mohsin Jahangir Khan bhai proud feel kr rhe hain k Awais bhai ap k class fellow the?
G bhai bohhtt :)
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Also intrest matters.. i do it,but left job beacuse i don't have intrest, and Start teaching..
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No life just money U spent more time with devices than humans Thats end of ur life Dont even think to come
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Hasaan Mughal .... Still any confusion? :)
I still don't know you are in favour of SE or not..?
He want to say that.. If u want money then its good.. but if u want to enjoy life then its not good..
Yaar start mein hi paisa haa, and agreed to Zeeshan kaa no social life.
Aina Gusssa???? :-p
Ahoo Butt sahab Social media pe hi mooka milta h nikalne ka
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zalalat h or kafi zada h
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4 saal ka experience bool raha haa. :p
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Zalalat overloaded with zero social life.. handsome money if u are lucky and talented but no sakoon :-D :-P
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bhai ap kaha kaha zaleel howy ho?
Hahaha :-D :-P jaha jaha ap zaleel hoay hain :-D :-P
Allah ka sukar he ma abi tk nai howa :D Agy b na ho Ameen same for you :)
Ameen :-) bhai job ki zalalat ki baat kr raha tha :-D :-P
Me too.. ap feel ziada krty ho :D wesy aisi koi baat nai thi
Hahaha :-D :-P ap chupatay zayada ho :-D :-P :-D
Nah nah :P
:-D :-P
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Scope of Software engineering is a room with high speed internet
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With respect to farzoqe philosophy
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