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No, you dont need. usually crwaler read meta tag Title (heading ) tags Img alt tag in anchor "rel" tag Google crwaler reads complete page not just meta tag and descripton. It also depends how many interlink your blog posts are and how many outbound link you have. Google always consider authority to those blog posts which looks natural and support community. Try to engage with other blogs as well which are related to yours niche. dont put all, just fit things/tags/keywords where they are needed. I hope this will help you :)
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Oh thank you so much. It's quite informative. And secondly youtube ke trhan jasay hum hr post pay tag ad krtay han post say related wo kiss jghan likhna chaheay? (ma nay post edit ke ha Kindly answer that part too.)
Brother, if you are developing a blog on WordPress, then it can be seen easily on each post dashboard page. If you have HTML, then meta tags and meta description are enough to represent your tags.
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