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Name the Rom please, as very few custom roms are satisfactory as most of them lack one aspect or the another, one can't have everything. Give an xda link if possible. Good review BTW. I used few MIs, Huawei, Lenovos etc and always felt that their software and interface suck. Always used custom launchers with side stream phones. image
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Well i researched a few roms for the zuk z2 plus.. And ended up using aex 5.2.. Although aicp is also great.. And both get OTA updates..I wanted a stable Rom...Just a caution you will have to use an experimental version for gapps as no official one for 8.1 roms... https://www.aospextended.com/devices/ Best roms are found reading xda developers.. And also YouTube best rom for your specific phone.. I was using paranoid android on my oneplus x and loved it..
Yes you're right gapps is sometimes the biggest pain. First they take long to d/l then at the end of day one finds out that gapps don't feel like working with this Rom. I always go with nano package of gapps, it's easy to dld and has essentials Google stuff
Yep I also pick the nano version.. I found out through the hard way that the gapps won't work so frantically downloaded the other one..
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Glad it worked out! This is off-topic but personally, I have a bit of distrust towards brands like Lenovo and Huawei. My Huawei Honor 5X - despite having decent hardware - lags alot. And I mean ALOT. System restarts and UI crashes are common. The processor is decent for a mid ranger and I'm not even a heavy user. I've tried out tons of custom roms but none have worked. After a clean flash, the phone speeds up for around a week but goes back to crap soon after. image
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I haven't tried too many phones outside the snapdragon world.. So my assumption is.. It also has something to do with kirin, Intel and meditek processors.. But I may be wrong.. My first instinct was always to go with a phone that's supported by the developer community.
Just last week I gave up Huawei mate 10 lite. Same reason, lag. Bought it due to good reviews.
I feel similar about Honor x series, honor 5x , 6x tried them both although I didn't have many issues but I just didn't like either one of them. Felt really low quality, locally made phones.
Nabeel Khan I feel the exact same way. Honor 5X has the Snapdragon 616.
Talha Masood it wasn't my first choice. My Nexus 5X died after around 4 months of purchase. It was under HSN's warranty so they offered credit towards a new phone. This was the only phone with a Snapdragon that fit my budget!
Ok haven't heard that a 616 existed.. Like the 808 in the nexus 5x... Because other SD got more notoriety.. Like the 625
Yea it had a minor freq bump from the 615. But now because of it, I have massive distrust for brands like Huawei/Lenovo/Xiaomi and the 600 line of processors in general.
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