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Your headphone port might have detached from the main chip board, does it show the headphone icon once you plugin the earphones?
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it does not. okay so if this chip board thing has happened how do i get it fixed?
Yes, take it to service centre or mobile mall with mobile repair shops; they will try to solder (if possible) or replace (if the audio port of your phone will be available as spare) the port to the chipboard; else you need to replace the complete chipboard, which will be costly solution; you may use Bluetooth headphones instead of the usual ones which are pretty common these days!
I do not like Bluetooth headphones. But thanks man. Any idea though why would fixing the socket disconnect the port from chip board?
It's an electronic item, socket fixing may have resulted in a jolt, detaching the audio port from the chipboard, possibilities could be limitless!
Incompetent technician, might have damaged it while fixing your port
oh :(
It's like a main motherboard to which rest of the things are integrated, (SIM jacket, audio-port, charging socket, Volume up/down buttons, camera button, power button etc.), Therefore it is highly likely that, pushing/pulling one thing has affected the connection of the other.
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take ur phone to the person who repaired ur mobile it happens while repairing By non Professionals
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yeah i will do that now. But I'm afraid damage has been done already....
it also happened with me long ago .. Never repair ur phone from random shop they are just Crap
how did you fix it then?
they are not responsible once you stepped out from shop.. i didn't fix that phone again.He pulled the power button down there was nothing i can do
i lost my phone but learned some Lesson
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Take it to the same guy and ask him to fix it. It would be done.
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yeah will do that. but i doubt he'd fix it. i mean, he ruined it in the first place.
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