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The OLED display on the Alienware 13 is excellent, perfect color gamut. Yet to see how it deals with burn in. Also 120Hz panels should be compulsory now on gaming machines at least.
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Yeah, currently the only thing that hampers most people to switch to OLEDs is the pricing. In 5 years I guess OLEDs should become more affordable and quite the norm.
OLED can also give you CRT like response time so it will be amazing for gaming.
Idk I think PC GAMING ips
IPS is really sub par. Terrible contrast and awful black uniformity.
Yeah light bleed's an issue.
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There you Go PC Vs Console. Popcorn Time
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I am a PC gamer. You can totally use VA screens for PC gaming. It's not about console vs PC.
Okay I amend my Pun. It's IPS vs VA time people.
Which VA Panel monitor do you have in mind that someone can buy for PC gaming
There are so many these days I haven't kept track. Many of the high end monitors now are VA and are available in all sorts of varieties like high refresh rate, curved, ultrawide, variable refresh rate etc. I am using the BenQ GW2760HS but these days you can do much better I believe. It was one of the first VA screens with an acceptable response time for gaming. is a Question and Answer platform that empowers people to share and grow the Pakistan's knowledge. People come to Pucho to ask questions about any subject, read high quality knowledge that's personalized and relevant to them, and share their own knowledge with others. is a place to share knowledge and better understand the Pakistan.

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