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Imran Ali
Dear dont buy orient split AC. Buy Haier, gree or PEL. Best performance
But if u live near big drain (nala) Go for Gold fin and Copper pipe AC to avoid rust. In this case best option is PEL
Thanks a lot Imran Sb for your feedback, much appreciated !
Well come bro
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Orient Gold Fin is a good option! I am using it! Performance wise really good. Quite economical almost got half bill from previous months and was used equally in number of hours! Cooling is much better than normal non-inverter 1.5! Using same model!
Thanks bro !!!
I am also... Just one problem... During Throwing air it produces some sound like phar phar... Haha... Just this issue
I didn't feel that sound and i am using more than one. May be some technical issue with your 1.5 ton piece.
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Best option would be Gree
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