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I want to purchase a new 40" Smart LED and interested in TCL S62 model. But I don't know that how is that brand. Should I buy TCL or not? They are offering this unit for Rs. 40K and 2 years warranty. Suggestions please.


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I bought a TCL C2 (UHD Android TV) in 55'' for 102K. It has been working flawlessly. I am really proud of my choice with TCL because I saved nearly 100,000 PKR on a similar TV from Samsung or LG. If you want a 49'' 4K TV, a good choice would be the TCL P2 for 70K. If on budget, then I would recommend visiting a TCL company outlet, not a general electronics store. TCL is a decent choice, I myself have not complained a single thing to TCL in the 9 months I have had my C2.

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