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Setting then data usage ,
that is auto download. it is different. in option i am asking one can see the media but it is not downloaded in mobile mem
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i guess, in android by default it stores in gallery
so does in iOS but there is option in iOS that one can see the media without downloading it to memory
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iOS Settings-> chats -> turn off
that setting is also available in android. the one i am asking is only available in iOS only as per my knowledge.
Yey waali?
nope in posted the sc
save to camera roll. ye waali
if we turn off this. then media wont download to memory unless we specifically download it
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Don't know about android. Using iOS.
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Pehley yehi bataya tha
android me ni mili mje ye abhe tk
Nhi pehle baad walay ki details likhi thein
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Aadil Farooq here in WhatsApp click on menu on top -> open data usage -> media auto downloaded -> enable/disable the option which you want and which you don't on wifi or mobile data both have different option
this is not the option i am asking about
You are asking save to camera roll automatically so in android media auto download use for that
Check this
by using this option you have to eventually download the media to memory if you want to see it
you are telling me about this option
but i am asking about this option in Android. both sc were taken from iOS
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