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Khyzar Asghar
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In iqbal town -_-
Tera lg gya hai?
Ha 1st august ko laga tha
Kya change hai phr?
Yar abhi tak to bar alaaa chal raha
Koi b issue ni kisi tarah
shukar hai
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I m using
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using in garden town
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Ali Sajid im also interested yar Reviews are good... But the two months wait is what has stopped me till now
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Its ok yr two months are best
Krwa ra phr tu Mai b krwa leta 5k na?
Badar Maqsood pta ni
Btayi phr agr krne lage to
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go for it guyz much better than bloody ptcl
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This speed is coming from fibrelink
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Iqbal town?
Which block?
Kyun ghar chakkar lagana hai
You own every house in your block?
Jab bola hai aap ko ke they cover whole iqbal town so go ahead with them.if u want connection I have already given u the reviews so stop asking childish questions
Bro which package you're using and what about the installation time.
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anyone using fiber link in township ??
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Syed Muhammad Ali Gardezi
bhai aga bhi kuch bol
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