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Yar there are already many platforms to start your own ecommerce site for free or nominal cost like shopify etc. Please do not ruin the web development economy by providing 10k ki websites. People who are passionate about coding and designing love to spend weeks creating beautiful work of art from scratch. They cannot sustain their livelihood if clients want to pay them 10k for a website made from scratch. The “template customising” industry has already done a lot of damage. We do not need another template customizer.
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Without even asking the details you have reached to a conclusion. Double thumbs up!
Wajahat Kazmi i am assuming the worst case scenario. A lot of new startups are trying to do the same. Anyway, whats your plan?
The plan is to reach out to aspiring entrepreneurs who have ideas to run an online business so they can earn a livelihood. Everyone knows they can run an online store but 'how' is the question most of them have no answer to. Bridging that gap, educating and training them and setting them up at minimal costs is the motive here. Personal gain is next to none for me at the moment as this is something I want to do for the Pakistan community especially for the underprivileged. Hope it clears!
Wajahat Kazmi thats a very noble idea. Lets discuss. I have a design studio, maybe we can collaborate.
Perfect. Will be in touch with you.
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