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learn about Stock market, and start trading.
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i will consider it.Thanks
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Go for mutual funds. NBP preferred.
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details pls
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Hassan Aftab Salman Chaudhary is this halaal from Islamic point of view?
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Abubakar Bilal Stock exchange is not I guess. However some mutual funds are sharia compliant. PM me for cell # of their resource. They can guide you better.
Bhai sab jhoot hay
Babar Ch true brother. I 100% agree with you.
Yeah Stock market is Halal from Shariya point of view.
Babar Ch Ok mufti saab :)
btw how is stock exchange not halal. there is an equal chance of profit and loss.
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What about mezzan bank also offers Islamic banking
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Hamza Khalid meezan bank?
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Waqas Ahmed Cheema last 3 days may. 7.5 percennt market increase hoi.
tu ne invest kr diye hn na, aub bus increase e honi ha
Zeeshan Mirza and investors on average got 6% return in couple of days.
Bss 5-6 Billion or anay ke dair hai phir dekh shah ka 5 bhi 15 ho jana hai
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