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Fahim Ilyas: Best WIFI extender in reasonable price 
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Khawaja Omair Ahmed: any recommended online selller?
Muhammad Saad Saeed: Fahim bhai yahan bhi zyxel :p
Akbar Siddiqui: Used Tenda and was happy...but supports upto 10mbps only...no matter which brand
Muhammad Haris: Yes Tp link 1750( using) n tp link 750 (is available)
Khawaja Omair Ahmed: do you sell these products?
Muhammad Haris: No.i have 750 in spare..
Akbar Siddiqui: May be buy better router instead of extender...more happy then was using extender
Khawaja Omair Ahmed: I have a PTCL connection so using their router....
Akbar Siddiqui Khawaja Omair Ahmed: still you can use another router by giving another name..was using it ...
Saad M. Yousuf: These are available in almost all computer markets or check Sasi Arcada Clifton
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Kinara Kash: i am using mi router 3 as extender. doing the job best, got it for 2400 from mi store in sale
Shabaz Mohammad: Yes, can recommend Mi Amplifier v2 in 1699/- https://fspk.app/619
Xiaomi WiFi Repeater Amplifier version 2
Aneef Izhar Ul Haq Khawaja Omair Ahmed: I have this lying spare at home. DM if you want to get it at less cost than market
Shayan Nusrat: Tenda N300
Shuaib Shoaq: Using Mi Wifi repeater +. Does the job well for me.
Gohar Anwar: I use powerline adapter instead netgear 1200
Kamal Artwani: I m Using a TP-Link 300mbps WiFi range extender, Works good enough for browsing and youtube facebook Etc. 
Never tested on Gaming.
Shahry Afzal: i use another old router for my extender. just use the WDS BRIDGE feature. it works great. gives you more range.....
Khawaja Omair Ahmed Shahry Afzal: can Any router be used for this?
Shahry Afzal: most routers yes........ just look in the settings menu of the touer.
Waqas Javed: Depends on your conditions, data and required distance, also share that what is end used device.
Bilal Sheikh: Mi
Prem Vishal Jeewani: Using Mi WiFi+
Pretty effective in low budget.
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