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Muhammad Asim Siddiq: PS4

Hamza Asif: Tech war 3 is gonna start soon

Ahsan Naeem: It depends on what games do you like. Eg if you are more into racing games then you should go for xbox(bc of forza) but if you are more into action-adventure then you should go for ps4

Also ps4 cds are more readily available and are cheaper

Xbox ones controller is far better than ps4's(talking about the grip and controls here)

Ps. If you have enough budget to buy a pc then go for it bc games on it not gonna end plus you can also modify it and can even upgrade your pc(ps4 exclusive games aren't available on pc)

Ahmed Hanif: Ahsan Naeem I want to go for PS4 but one s is supporting 4K although PS4 supports only hdr

Jahanzaib Ahmed: Ahmed Hanif ps pro supports 4k eplies

Talha Sufi: PS4 Pro!

Aijaz Khalid: PS has the largest range of games including the exclusives. It's purely made for gamers. While with the Xbox you do not get as many exclusives, but can use the console for stuff other than gaming.

Waqas Zahoor: Ps4 pro

Ebad Ur Rehman: Ps4 because of vast amount of exclusive and better titles than xbox one 

Cause in xbox one 75% of the titles are available on pc and rest 25 are not so good enough to buy an xbox one for that also technical specifications of ps4 are significantly better than xbox one

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