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Reza Patel: HBL

Samreen Essa: Ubl

Farrukh Najam: HBL, UBL best

Amjad Ali Baig: Meezan also..

Waqas Niaz: Amjad Ali Baig I have meezan.

Mehmood Moten Allah hum sabko sood ki laanat se mehfooz rakhe... As these discounts are not Halal according to all Ulmas and muftis.....

Allah mujh samet hum sabki islah kare.... For details refer your trusted Muftis or Ulmaas

Syed Zakir Ali: Mehmood Moten seriously?

Waqas Niaz: Mehmood Moten thanks mje pata ni tha i will ask.

Mehmood Moten: Syed Zakir Ali yes... You can take details from any of your trusted Mufti

Syed Zakir Ali: Mehmood Moten ok

M Junaid Zafar: Mehmood Moten kya matlab hy apka k discount pe purchase krna haram hy?

Syed Zakir Ali: Hbl and ubl

Asila Khandwala: These days: HBL & FBL

Sheikh Sahab: HBL

Meji Baloch: Meezan

Bilal Hussain: Hbl, Mcb and alfalah

Khurram Shaukat: HBL

Kaukab Kamal: Hbl
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