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Not worth it. This is what you need after 100k kms driven. Catalytic converter cleanup (if your car has a cat converter) Gear oil change. Timing belt replacement Baki sab phuddu bananay k tareekay hain. That carbon cleaning is just introducing extra oxygen in your combustion chamber that (in theory) cleans carbon from top of pistons. Trust me, it wouldn't do you any good. Things I mentioned above are necessary though
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Surkhail Sohail thank you so much brother ♥️
I am assuming you already know about periodic brake checkup/service, engine tune up and engine oil changes. If you haven't had those, do that as well. Engine oil every 4 to 5k kms. Brakes after every 15k and turn up after every 15 to 20k
What are you referring as turn ups in your last line?? Didn't get that
Tune ups. Engine tuning.
Oh i got confused with the typo you made, yes AlhamdoLillah I'm aware of all the things and kept doing the same as you mentioned, I'll be having a detailed check up my car, well thank you so much bro , JazakAllah
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cat cleaning, spark plugs change & tuning are required if your car is sluggish, change engine oil with better one nothing else is required.
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