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Fsd ameen pur bangla wala interchange charo r abdul hakeem sy utar kar phir sham coat interchange char kar multan then single road
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Bilal Hussain Zahid fsd se. Apk sath he
Zabeeh Ullah Khan haha okay
Bilal Hussain Zahid khairiat hai janab?
Ahmad Ammad g bhai cousin ki shadi hai
Ammar Tariq
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Google map nhi ata kia
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De Osman pehly wohi follow kia tha buhaaat zaleel huy thy
Bilal Hussain Zahid burewala s fsd aur phr islamabad
Ya burewala s gojra aur wahan s motorway p char jao
Last wala route theek hai
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Tu burewala kia kr raha hai
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De Osman cousin ki barat hai
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